Technology transfer

Technology transfer can take place between the two companies, between the scientific research institutions and the enterprise, between scientific research institutions.

This process can be held in the following way:

  • on a transfer of property rights, which results in the actual loss of the possibility of claims for any goods arising as a result of exploitation rights transferred by the transferor,
  • by granting an exclusive or a non-exclusive license, whereby this is important to remember about the exact determination of field of use where the buyer can exploit property rights,
  • establishing spin-off company, which will be responsible for the commercialization of the specific invention on the basis of an agreement with the „mother company”.

In order to make the correct path for technology transfer to our clients we provide analyses in the field of:

  • comprehensive and detailed assessment of the commercial potential, including analysis of operational readiness,
  • legal analysis of intellectual property for innovative solutions.

Our services are “tailor made” depending on customer needs. If you would like to share with us your idea and to cooperate resulting in its practical implementation, please contact us using the contact form which is below on the right of the web page.