Online marketing and traditional marketing

Peter Drucker defines marketing as „management process responsible for identifying, anticipating, and satisfying customer requirements profitably, because the aim of the company is to gain and retain customers for manufactured goods and provided services”.

Marketing is an essential element in the development of each company. Nowadays online marketing is gaining in popularity. For our clients we provide the following services in the area of online marketing:

  • service and changes on the website, updating web content (CMS),
  • carrying out SEM and SEO activities,
  • planning and carrying out activities in Social Media,
  • coordinating the creation and production of promotional materials,
  • participation in developing affiliate strategies,
  • coordinating the affiliate campaigns,
  • close cooperation with Internet service providers (hosting, design services and implement changes on websites), control the functioning and progress of works commissioned,
  • monitoring and analysis of market data segment, consumers and competitors activities.

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