Financing of research and development in Poland

The starting of current financial perspective of European Union 2014-2020 opens up new possibilities for entrepreneurs and research institutions to obtaining funds for co-financing of research and development. In the period of 2014-2020 Poland will invest 82,5 bln. euro from the EU cohesion policy. Almost 10 bln euros booked for research and development and innovative projects in Intelligent Development Programme and Regional Operation Programs.

For our clients we provide comprehensive services such as:

  • identification of the best possible sources of funding of research and development,
  • searching for and selection of appropriate members of the consortium (including EU market), who guaranties fulfilment of formal requirements and smooth implementation of the project,
  • optimization of the research projects for compliance with the requirements of the selected competition and point criteria,
  • preparation of application documents, including grant applications, feasibility studies or business plans with all necessary attachments,
  • accounting for acquired grants.


In the financial perspective for the years 2017-2013 our effectiveness in obtaining grants co-financed from EU funds oscillated more than 90 %. We encourage you to use our knowledge and experience. If you want to get more information about our activities in the area of research and development please inform us using the contact form which is below on the right of the web page.